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Welcome to the home of
Affiliate News, Reviews, and Marketing Techniques,
an ezine and source for Affiliate Marketers
dedicated to bringing you practical tips and tools
you can use to increase your "net" income...

Affiliates, Associates and Resellers
Do You Want To
Increase Your Knowledge Of Affiliate and Internet Marketing and
Earning Power?

Here you will have access to numerous affiliate resources, Internet  marketing resources, web site marketing tutorials, tools and  advice you need to become one of the Internets Top Earning Affiliates .... There are 100's upon 100's of pages full of quality affiliate marketing information and what's more it's free information :)

Ezine advertising at it's best!

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Our popular periodic ezine gives you "real" marketing techniques, tips and tools you can use to help your affiliate program and website make more money for you.  Each issue is packed with useful articles, tips, and specials for our valued subscribers.

Now for the areas of our site....

Do you need the best Affiliate Programs to join?

Join with us in any program from our Affiliates Choice section and we will provide you with all the affiliate marketing knowledge you need to succeed and help you build your downline.

Unsure of how to market successfully on the Net?

Our complete affiliate marketing resource center covering all types of Internet and affiliate marketing, including how to maximize your results from each type of marketing method including Classified, Opt In, Email, Ezine, Viral, Banners, Search Engines and more..... Plus an updated list of resources!

Discover insider secrets on succeeding with affiliate programs from someone who is winning the search engine wars everyday! His step-by-step work at home manual teaches you how, click here!

Although you will have access to hundreds of resources we are still working on these sections and some areas are not complete, in addition we are adding new marketing resources as we find them. 

Subscribe to our marketing  newsletters and request a free Marketing Plan suitable for your budget, whether you have $0.00 or $100.00 plus, available monthly, we will devise a daily, weekly and monthly marketing plan that will not take you over budget.

Do you have an Affiliate or Marketing question that needs answering? As a subscriber to our marketing newsletters we will answer your questions for free.

Our marketing newsletters are full of marketing tips, original articles, free marketing tools and advice on creating an online income.

We have many more problem solving benefits available for you, just take a look at our subscriber benefits page and sign up for your own problem solving newsletters.

We have invested heavily to be able to offer you the recommendations within the pages of this site, each and every service, marketing method, resource and affiliate program has been researched thoroughly, tried and tested by us, we only recommend the absolute best that we find.

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This site will be a work in progress for us for many years to come and will never actually be completed.....why?..... Because the Internet is an ever changing source of information and we will be continually researching and reviewing resources for affiliates and adding or updating this site on a weekly basis, removing the dead and adding the new.

It has taken us three years so far, of long hours and intense researching to bring to you this affiliate marketing and resource center and we are adding new resources daily. 

So allow us to take the headache out of your online blues, whatever your problems we will provide the answers.

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Bookmark our site or list it in your favorites, visit often as we are continually updating our pages. If you are a subscriber, check out the Site News section of our newsletter for all the info on what we have added and when.

Stick with us and increase your earning power now!

You can generate a vast amount of income on the internet, limited only by your input, vision and effort

Good Luck in whatever you choose to do,

Marilyn Haugen

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We welcome any suggestions as to what you would like to see on this site in future months.

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